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Side Effects of Adult Baptism

Were you baptized as an adult? Were you surprised by the way you felt afterwards?  Baptism into a new faith is an enormous life change. It is a beautiful and loving act of faith, but like so many beautiful things, it is hard-won, and it does not always lead straight to peace. Continue reading


Saint Lydia’s Travels

While my second book has been making its debut, my first book has been making new friends. This morning at church, I learned that Letters to Saint Lydia just made it into a public school library here in Washington, one of the more secular states in the US. And the story of how it came to be there was the best part. Continue reading


Fiction is like carrot soup.

“So, is this autobiographical?”

“I think this character is my aunt.”

“Was it that boy you dated senior year?”

Each time I write a book, its publication brings on a flurry of questions. The questions happen because the books are fictional, and I’m beginning to think there’s something about fiction that doesn’t make sense to us as human beings.

Apparently, we struggle to believe that a human being could actually make up another human being. Out of whole cloth. Straight from the imagination to the page. It just can’t be.

Why is that? Why do we start peering intently into the space between the lines, looking for the author’s real life in her unreal story? Continue reading

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God in Small Things

One day this winter, I saw a perfect stranger lose his glove. He walked quickly across a busy intersection where I was waiting in my car for the red light to turn green. As he neared the sidewalk on the right side of the intersection, a black glove fell out of his backpack.

He didn’t see it fall. He strode briskly up the hill. My mouth opened instinctively, and I had a flashing mental image of myself leaping out of the car to shout to him. “You lost your glove! It’s on the sidewalk behind you! Come back and get it!” Continue reading

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The Book’s Busy Day

The book had a busy day today, and I had a busy day running around after it!

First, the Nook edition is now available. You can find it here!

Someone just told me she was going to clean her house today, until she found out the Nook edition went live. Should I offer to go and vacuum, I wonder? Well, if I’m going to vacuum someone’s house, maybe I should start with mine… Continue reading


BOOK RELEASE: The Other Side of the Bonfire

My second novel has just been released by Lingua Sacra Publishing! The Kindle edition of The Other Side of the Bonfire is now available! Click here to download your copy! Readers in the United Kingdom can obtain a copy here. Paperback and Nook editions will be available within 48 hours! Continue reading


True love, real life

We were in a wedding today. My whole little family. There were many lovely moments. Because we were in the wedding, we could see the faces of the bride and groom all the way through, smiling, tearing up, holding hands, thinking all the private thoughts that only they will ever know. It was one of those days that you know you’ll remember with a glow of golden light around it.

I loved watching the bride dance with her grandfather. I loved watching the bride’s mother as she watched the bride. But I think what I loved most of all was watching the couple’s first dance. There was something about the way they stood there together in that crowded room, so close together, face to face, holding one another the way you hold someone to help him stand, the way you hold someone who keeps you alive and well. There was such honest tenderness between them. They know each other so well already, and they chose to get married, knowing.

God bless and keep you, sweet friends.


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