We’re moving to Orthodox Christian Network!

Saint Lydia’s Book Club is thrilled to announce that the “Orthodox Writers, Readers, and Artists” series is moving to Orthodox Christian Network!

During my very blessed Nativity season, I met OCN Executive Director Chris Metropulos during a visit to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. After a wonderful conversation that lasted across several days and several thousand miles, I became the new blog chief for “The Sounding,” the multi-author site blog at OCN.

This is my dream job. I recruit and support writers, oversee content publishing, and contribute to promotion and to the blog’s interface with other OCN efforts. I love working with people who share my wild enthusiasm for the Orthodox creative world, and I love the opportunity to support what I care about on such a large scale. The possibilities feel endless.

When Fr. Chris invited me to bring the OWRA series to OCN, I gave it serious thought. My decision to move the series reflects my original purpose in creating it. I wanted to support Orthodox writers and artists by creating a place where they could explore their experiences and share their work. I hoped to raise awareness about our creative community. Moving us to OCN is a great opportunity to do all of these things! OCN is a gathering place for Orthodox people around the world. I feel certain that this opportunity is a door opening in front of us.

With the consent of my upcoming guest posters, we are going to step through this door. The series makes its first appearance on “The Sounding” today, with guest Jan Bear writing on “Nine Ways to Spread Your Message Using Internet Tools.”  And you’ll recognize some other OWRA guests among the new contributing writers on “The Sounding.”

Please come join us at our new location, where we will be happy to welcome you!

Tell me what you think.

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