True love, real life

We were in a wedding today. My whole little family. There were many lovely moments. Because we were in the wedding, we could see the faces of the bride and groom all the way through, smiling, tearing up, holding hands, thinking all the private thoughts that only they will ever know. It was one of those days that you know you’ll remember with a glow of golden light around it.

I loved watching the bride dance with her grandfather. I loved watching the bride’s mother as she watched the bride. But I think what I loved most of all was watching the couple’s first dance. There was something about the way they stood there together in that crowded room, so close together, face to face, holding one another the way you hold someone to help him stand, the way you hold someone who keeps you alive and well. There was such honest tenderness between them. They know each other so well already, and they chose to get married, knowing.

God bless and keep you, sweet friends.

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