BOOK RELEASE: The Other Side of the Bonfire

My second novel has just been released by Lingua Sacra Publishing! The Kindle edition of The Other Side of the Bonfire is now available! Click here to download your copy! Readers in the United Kingdom can obtain a copy here. Paperback and Nook editions will be available within 48 hours!

The Story: When Jewel finds herself out on the sidewalk, desperately hoping the taxi will arrive before her cheating boyfriend gets home, she knows it’s time to make a new life. But how? She’s never lived alone, and she’s never loved a man she could trust. With the help of a childhood friend, a bonfire, a chance encounter, and a leap of faith, Jewel discovers a world of creativity and love in the last place she ever dreamed of looking.

What Reviewers Say: “Though the characters are fictional, we all know a Xenia, Jewel, or Timothy in our lives, and we can all relate to their struggles and triumphs. The Other Side of the Bonfire is not your average love story. You will find that it strengthens your love story as you read along.” —Christy Pessemier, $20 Dollar Date Night

“There is a dearth of high-quality Orthodox fiction for adults, and Melinda Johnson is to be commended for so bravely stepping up to the plate and filling this need. She succeeds exceptionally well because she so obviously writes from the heart and gives us very real characters with whom we can cry, laugh, mourn, and rejoice. And many of them are instantly recognisable from our own lives and parishes.” —Elizabeth, The Garden Window, UK

“The poignant stories of Jewel, Xenia, and Anna brought me to tears, laughter, and joy as they struggled sometimes awkwardly to form or strengthen their relationships with God and others. While there are plenty of Christian novels on the market, The Other Side of the Bonfire is a must-read Orthodox Christian novel.” —Kelly Lardin, A Day’s Journey

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